The Five Dysfunctions of a Team is a business book by consultant and speaker Patrick Lencioni. It describes the many pitfalls that teams face as they seek to “row together”. This book explores the fundamental causes of organizational politics and team failure.There are five interrelated issues that undermine the performance of a team:


#1: Absence of Trust

If the members of the team do not trust each other then they cannot be totally honest with each other.

#2: Fear of Conflict
Without trust people will not have the healthy debates that are necessary to arrive at better thought through decisions.

#3: Lack of Commitment
If the team have not aligned behind a decision then the individual members who did not agree with the final decision will ultimately be less committed to that decision.

#4: Avoidance of Accountability
If they are not committed to the course of action, then they are less likely to feel accountable (or hold other people accountable).

#5: Inattention to Results
Consequently, they are less likely to care about the group results (and instead focus on achieving their own goals).