After many years of building and managing different businesses, we are now convinced that in order to achieve lasting and measurable results on your way to growth, you need a customized combination of:

  • Practical¬†management tools

  • Quality¬†skills training

  • Ongoing¬†coaching support

And all of these three things should be implemented WITHOUT interrupting your day to day management activities!

In order to achieve that, we developed an unique 12 month program which take this into account and will help you build the solid foundations you need in order to grow your business fast. Each time we craft a different program varying in length and depth according to the needs of your organization.


1. Identify your priorities for growth

You and your team will go through set of diagnostic and assessment tools that will uncover your ambitions, opportunities and capacity for growth in more detail. This will help us identify the main barriers holding your business back from further growth and we can start building your tailored growth plan.

2. Develop your growth plan

It will outline the challenges your business faces and how Fast Track can offer support. It will typically focus on one or more of these five areas: People, Strategy, Execution, Cash or Personal Growth.

3. Go for rapid business growth

Once your growth plan is agreed, we will select and appoint a Growth Coach matched to your business against attributes including experience, skills and personality. Your Growth Coach will act as an advocate and catalyst for change. They will clarify and challenge the status quo, empower your business to reinvent its future and open up new pathways and possibilities.

Here is an example of a 12 month program including a mix of work in four key areas: Diagnostic, Strategy, Execution and Cash:


Take Four Decisions Assessment

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