Topgrading: The Proven Hiring and Promoting Method That Turbo charges Company Performance is a business book by the experts on hiring Brad Smart.

Companies rise or fall because of their talent – the more high performers on your team, the more successful your organization will be. But research shows that only about 25% of all new hires turn out to be high performers.

Three huge problems account for the typical poor results in hiring: dishonesty (via deceptive résumés), incomplete information (via shallow interviews), and lack of verifiability (via biased references). Topgrading shows how to solve all three problems. Instead of hiring by your gut reactions to résumés and interviews, you can start using a scientifically honed process that compels candidates to be totally honest.

Topgrading isn’t just about hiring and promoting—it’s also about developing talent. It enables leaders to reward their A Players, coach their Bs to become As, and weed out the Cs who are beyond improvement.