Fast Track is a growth accelerator. We help CEOs implement a system of practical and actionable management tools to grow their companies fast. By putting our world class management theory and expertise into action, CEOs can keep their business focused, aligned and accountable.

We work only with companies that have the potential and determination to grow fast. Fast Track delivers trainings and executive coaching in four key management areas: Strategy, People, Execution, Cash and one fundamental area: Personal growth. Our partnerships are driven only by the value we bring to the bottom line and the measurable improvements we make in the organizational health.

We believe successful and growing businesses are a major element of a prospering society. We want to make a difference by helping people and organizations grow and utilize their full potential.

Fast Track partners directly with CEOs of large and mid-size companies in all industries across Turkey, Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria.


Our Values are essentially who we are – we hire on them and we would fire on them. Understand them and you will understand us:

hat70Cutting edge of management knowledge and practice

We will constantly study and adopt the most modern management theory and practice and will bring this to our customers in a simple, practical and actionable way

cup70Learn from the best and work with the best

We will strive to implement the highest possible standards in the quality of people we have in the team, the resources we use and the partners we select.

coin70If it doesn’t give value to our clients we don’t do it

Our goal is to help businesses and people GROW. We will cut though jargon and fluff and will take out only the most practical and actionable from what is available.

book70Humility, intellectual curiosity and hard work

We are committed to constant personal and professional growth. We will always keep an open mind to new ideas and practices, realizing there is no one right way of doing. Our goal is not perfection, but continuous improvement.